Hi all
Am happy to share this with ICSD and all of you. .. I am RJ Nimish, a former radio jockey from Kochi.
3 years ago, I moved to New Zealand for higher studies through ICSD.
Now am on my post study work visa here.
Yesterday, Feb 13 ,2021, on World Radio day ,I got an opportunity to do a show from NZ for Radio Suno 91.7 FM based in Qatar and it become a 'talk of the town' in NZ Malayalam Community. Some of the very popular FB pages and  Whatsapp groups shared my post.  Feel happy to be doing what I have always wanted to do.
also want to share my happiness with ICSD ,as they are the people who support me in every step to follow my dream..
Rj Nimish
My experience with ICSD was very good.
Right after writing  GMAT and IELTS, I got in touch with  ICSD for advice regarding the right course for higher study.
They were very helpful in selecting the right course for me and also in the application process.The guidance I got was the main reason for selecting the dual master degree in Engineering management and Project management.
My experience at QUT was excellent.The exposure that I got  and  the learning I received from people I interacted with were incomparable. Moreover, the degree is highly practical and as the university says it is for the real world.
Post QUT, I joined a company as a global leader in chauffeured services for its Brisbane office in the operations department. Prior to Covid we were doing extremely wellbut the pandemic had its effect on the company. But with innovation and business continuity plans we have come out of it very well. I am fortunate to be part of multiple cross functional projects and the experience has definitely shaped me well.
Currently, I am doing preliminary research and studies on some ideas to start a venture on my own.
I would recommend students who have a vision to get a good degree from a reputed university to get advice and service from ICSD to make their journey smooth. All the advice I received from them have come handy when I reached here.

When I was planning to study abroad, I was recommended to ICSD by my friend who moved to New Zealand with their help. During my planning stage, everyone said that the process was not easy, but I never felt that. They provided information which helped me choose the right program in New Zealand and helped to get my student visa without any issues.
I did a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from Otago Polytechnic, Auckland campus. They helped me during the process of the application and admission. Not only with the application, but they guided me in all the steps related to the process of studying in New Zealand. They always found time to solve my doubts and answer my queries. Even now, ICSD keeps supporting and encouraging me in all my endeavours.
Now I am working as a software engineer in Dunedin, New Zealand. Thanks to ICSD, for giving me a valuable helping hand which shaped my career.
If you have a plan to develop your career -Just contact ICSD, they will work for you with 100% dedication and success follows

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