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When I was planning to study abroad, I was recommended to ICSD by my friend who moved to New Zealand with their help. During my planning stage, everyone said that the process was not easy, but I never felt that. They provided information which helped me choose the right program in New Zealand and helped to get my student visa without any issues.
I did a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology from Otago Polytechnic, Auckland campus. They helped me during the process of the application and admission. Not only with the application, but they guided me in all the steps related to the process of studying in New Zealand. They always found time to solve my doubts and answer my queries. Even now, ICSD keeps supporting and encouraging me in all my endeavours.
 Now I am working as a software engineer in Dunedin, New Zealand. Thanks to ICSD, for giving me a valuable helping hand which shaped my career.
If you have a plan to develop your career Just contact ICSD, they will work for you with 100% dedication and success follows
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