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A visionary, an eminent educationist, well-known author and a tireless crusader for the betterment of education


Prof Balagurusamy, the chairman of EBG Foundation, Coimbatore, is currently Academic Advisor to the Governor of Jharkhand. He is a former Vice Chancellor of Anna University, Chennai, who also served as a Member of High Level Committee on School Education of Tamil Nadu Government and as Chairman of Committee for Development of Text Books on Science and Technology in Higher Education. He was also a Member (Education), Planning Commission of Tamil Nadu Government and IT Adviser for the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Dr. E Balagurusamy was also a member of the Union Public Service Commission, New Delhi. He has authored and published several books and papers in computer programming and engineering.

Career Journalist Guiding Futures Through Education

Shri B S Warrier

Shri B S Warrier is a distinguished figure in the realm of education and journalism, having served as a Joint Director of Technical Education for the Government of Kerala before embarking on a career as a journalist. With over 35 years of experience, he has made significant strides in providing educational guidance through various media platforms, reaching millions of people across India. His unique blend of technical expertise and journalistic acumen allows him to offer insightful and practical advice on navigating the complex world of education. Whether it's advising on course selection, explaining admission procedures, or preparing for competitive examinations, Shri Warrier's contributions have been instrumental in shaping public perceptions and guiding countless individuals towards successful educational outcomes.

An educationist who is a leader and mentor in several disciplines

Achuthsankar S. Nair

Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair, Former Professor and Head of Department of Bioinformatics, University of Kerala, is a distinguished scholar, teacher, researcher, and mentor, recognized for his expertise in multiple disciplines, his leadership in educational institutions, and his dedication to public service and community development. His contributions to the field of education, research, and public service make him a notable figure in the academic and professional world. Dr. Achuthsankar S. Nair brings a unique blend of academic expertise and real-world experience to his role as a mentor. With a background in both computer science and music, he fosters creativity and innovation in his students. His experience leading research projects and guiding PhD candidates positions him to effectively advise and challenge students on their academic paths.

An academician, institution builder, author, mentor and a career guidance expert.

Dr. T. P. Sethumadhavan

Dr. T. P. Sethumadhavan is currently working as Professor@ Transdisciplinary University of Health Sciences & Technology@ Bengaluru and Director(Technical & Education Services) of a Social Entrepreneurship Company Bridge 360 @ Texas, USA. He has more than 32 years of experience in senior level positions within the country and abroad. Formerly he was the Director, Entrepreneurship at Kerala Veterinary & Animal Sciences University and Director, UL education at Asia' s leading Co- operative ULCCS' in India focussing on skill development. He is a visiting scientist at Smithsonian institution, USA, Reading University, UK, University of Western Australia and University of Dundee. Dr. Sethumadhavan is a Consultant to World Bank, International Co-operative alliance, ADB, NSDC and Ministry of Food processing industry, Govt of India. Moreover, he is a regular columnist in leading dailies and has published 44 books in English and Malayalam.

What Our Mentors Say About Us

Dr. T. P. Sethumadhavan

ICSD is an institution providing pioneering services in higher education abroad over a decade. It' s a group of dedicated, trustworthy group of educational consultants and professionals working for the students based on their interest, aptitude and goal.

Dr. T. P. Sethumadhavan
Professor, Transdisciplinary University of Health Sciences & Technology

E Balaguruswamy

ICSD’s unique strength is its team of counselors who are former teachers. Their expertise and experience give students excellent choices in their academic pursuits abroad. ICSD offers guidance and mentoring

that help students thoroughly analyze their study options across various countries, enabling them to construct a solid foundation for their future careers.

E Balaguruswamy
Academic Advisor to Governor of Jharkhand

Achutshankar S Nair

ICSD provides a platform for self-exploration that connects to the world of higher studies and career-building opportunities. Personalized counseling and guidance help students make informed decisions based on their strengths and aptitudes.

Achutshankar S Nair
Multi-disciplinary scholar, teacher, researcher, orator

Shri B S Warrier

Know thyself and realise your dreams!

Parents in our country nurture boundless aspiration to offer their children the best opportunities in higher education, which is a passport to a bright future.

Shri B S Warrier
Former Joint Director of Technical Education, Government of Kerala

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