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Know thyself and realise your dreams!

Parents in our country nurture boundless aspiration to offer their children the best opportunities in higher education, which is a passport to a bright future. In their quest for educational programs, they seldom consider the national boundaries as a constraint, as evidenced by the huge migration of students to foreign countries. The number of Indian students enrolled in foreign higher educational institutions in 2022 was a bit more than 13 lakhs. This is expected to rise to 20 lakhs by 2025.

Be that as it may, many students and parents find it hard to realise their dreams of quality education because of their lack of awareness of the programs of study, centres of excellence, and the right paths to reach their desired destinations. This is a problem particularly in studies abroad because of the complexities in identifying the best options in terms of country, institution, and program in tune with the aspiration, aptitude, and the financial background of individual students. Ignorance in respect of the procedural formalities relating to passport, visa, and foreign remittance of money poses serious difficulties for many of our young aspirants.

In this context, we find the fine and dependable guidance offered by the professionals of ICSD (Institute for Career Skill Development, Ernakulam), with their diverse experience stretching over a period of two decades, as a boon to our young aspirants and parents. They conduct an aptitude test of each candidate, free of cost, which helps the individual to realise ‘Who am I?’. Knowing one’s aptitude and potential is the starting point of identifying the most suitable career. Further, ICDS takes up all responsibilities in the application process that involves the formalities of securing admission to the most suitable program for each student. Its long track record in this commendable service bears testimony to their credibility, reliability, and competence.

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